Sorare와 함께 블록 체인의 MLSPA 플레이어

소라 레 expands its list of partners and announces that MLSPA players will land on its blockchain platform.

The MLSPA is the association of players of the MLS, the 메이저 리그 축구, the largest US and Canadian football league.

Even the players of the US teams become NFTs, collectables that can be used in the 소라 레 fantasy football game that relies on the Ethereum blockchain.

The digital cards depicting the players will be available starting today, Tuesday, June 30th. Sorare provides a real 시장 where users can buy, sell and exchange these digital cards.

These cards are scarce and authentic. For each player there is only one “Unique” card, there are also 10 “Super Rare” and 100 “Rare” cards. The scarcity of these collectables means that the price tends to rise.

In recent weeks, the card depicting the Juventus champion 크리스티아누 호날두 has been sold for 3,000 dollars. For each player, the dedicated page indicates who is the owner to whom it is possible to make a purchase offer. The ID of the card certifies its authenticity.

Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, commented on this new partnership saying he was very proud:

“We’ve seen a lot of interest from our fantasy managers to collect soccer players from the league. Soccer is booming in the US and we’re proud to help extend the player’s reach. Our launch in the US with the MLSPA is a key step in our vision to create a global fantasy soccer game.”

댄 존스, COO of MLSPA, this agreement expands the association’s partnerships:

“We are excited to officially announce our agreement with Sorare. The MLS audience continues to grow and evolve and we are excited to be a part of giving fans the opportunity to engage with their favorite players in a new digital landscape”.

MLSPA and beyond: other players on the blockchain

MLSPA players join other European “peers”. Sorare has already established partnerships with important European football teams같은 유벤투스, 라치오, Napoli, Lyon, Porto and Atletico Madrid.

Every week fans line up five players in a fantasy football game in which they can earn prizes and unlock rewards.

The goal of the platform developed by Sorare is to promote digital fantasy football and blockchain to the fullest.

Sorare can be said to be satisfied. The project, launched in March 2019, has more than 13,000 users with a trading volume of $150,000 per month (data for April 2020).