Biden은 백신과 과학자를 신뢰하지만 '나는 Donald Trump를 신뢰하지 않는다'고 말합니다.


Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday pushed back on claims by President Trump and his allies that he and Sen. Kamala Harris are “anti-vaccine,” asserting that while he trusts vaccines and scientists, his concern about vaccines comes from a distrust of Trump.

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“Let me be clear: I trust vaccines, I trust scientists, but I don’t trust Donald Trump,” Biden said in Wilmington, Delaware after a briefing vaccines by health experts, adding, “at this point the American people can’t either.”

Biden alleged that Trump has put political pressure on the vaccine process, stating that vaccine developments “don’t care about calendars anymore than the virus does,” and that they “certainly don’t adhere to election cycles.”

But, the former Vice President said, people “should have confidence” in a vaccine put out by the administration if they can demonstrate “total transparency” so that “scientists outside the government know exactly what is being approved.”

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